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the clay asthetic and visual presentation is so freaking good I can't believe I put off playing this ad for ruffle

lawl I had a VERY similar idea on my unfinished egg jam to, this is pretty good! ^.^

It's not super fun and very slow, but a unique way to pay homage

perfect <3

Random lag spikes on mobile Android are especially annoying in the drop segment when the car speeds up just at the worst moments. The touch controls are super satisfying and fun but wildly innacurate thumb placement for shooting the laser beams at the floating bat guys.

Love the gameplay and aesthetic, really tight experience and polish on desktop

EDIT: Jeff you make pretty cool logos, how about some mobile GUI for the thumb shift?

TomFulp responds:

Lag spikes will hopefully improve over time, either as Ruffle gets better or phones get better.

The thumb placement for shooting on mobile is intentional so you can see what you are shooting - we actually pass a flash var to let the game know it's on mobile, so it changes the targeting to be above your finger. Blame Jeff for wanting that!

JohnnyUtah responds:

man, fuck off buizel what

i like it, a little short

Fantastic collage and webplayer for it!

excellent job, fun music and decent progression with the potion complexity. The recipe book shows a lot of foresight in being simple enough to flip through constantly. I like the story mode and the fact you can just drop full portions by rushing.The sprites leave a little bit to be desired and I think the definitive edition of this game would be a little higher res so there's even distribution of pixels throughout every aspect on screen(the items at the bottom row are equally detailed to the room above, treat the whole screen like it has a specific number of pixels to display everything so the art instantly becomes more consistent).

P.s. thank you for what you do in your review livestreams on youtube

FuturecopLGF responds:

Cheers! Thanks for the detailed feedback, and thanks for all you do as well! I agree that the graphics not being consistent in pixel size is a bit wonky for the purists: there was a lot of scaling and rescaling after the initial drawing which led to that inconsistency which could've been fixed if I planned better at the start. I'll look into the Unity pixel-perfect camera stuff for next time, perhaps.

Better than mario odyssey

Fun quick puzzles, really like the visual frustration to match the physical one I feel, always good to have a cry button. Should get some music to up the pressure!

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