Entry #1

A Whole Year on Newgrounds(and one day)

2016-12-31 18:13:54 by BrandyBuizel

Hey there!

So it's been an entire year(slightly over) since I first made this account on Newgrounds and I just wanted to say it's been awesome. I stumbled on the site back in 2007(I know people found it much earlier than me, so please put your long-hard d*cks away you cool fellows) and I'm very content with finally having my own little home on the site. 

I've met, talked to, and worked with so many awesome people already in 2016, though I didn't have much going on for personal projects; some physical art, couple of digital things, a SleepyCast Animated(in 360 video on YouTube as well).  I voiced in 3 games(only 1 released so far) and 5 movies(also 1 so far) made some VA friends, artist friends, overall talented people-friends, and for the last 121 consecutives spent 25 minutes, every single morning, protecting our NG portals.


Some people rant on twitter about 2016 sucking, people dying,and something about presidents(I rant about dumber things on my Twitter) but I liked this year and I'm excited for 2017 all the same.

So here's to you(I'm holding a glass of eggnog at my desk like a loser), one of our many cherished users on NG, have fun creating, try to innovate by weird experimentation in your medium, and have a Happy New Year!


I love you(platonically of course, unless you're retroarcademonkey, Antoon or ZeTrystan-senpai)



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