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Not Quite Ready to Recap 2020

Posted by BrandyBuizel - January 18th, 2021

I usually look forward to collecting my thoughts for...

...a grand yearly recap of the adventures I've had on this site in the past year, but man 2020 wrecked my shit. Honestly, pretty shit year guys, ****ing abysmal at times. Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of positive stuff, joy and fun to be had, ADVENT was pretty cool, but I'm simultaneously too busy and too far from the correct mindset to go back and recount the days and provide detailed descriptions and links. But I hope that I CAN and DO make a post real soon.

For now(I really don't like doing this sort of thing), I need some help. I have a beautiful dog named Bandit, he is the absolute love of my life and my favorite lil' guy in the world. He outranks the closest of friends and if anything were to happen to him I'd murder everyone involved, but I can't murder cancer. Luckily his doctors say he's doing very well with his treatments, but chemo is as rough on him as it is rough on my mom and I financially.


I don't expect much to come from making a gofundme page(although @heyopc did pretty well on there after his place got robbed and recently one of my professors at SCAD raised over 30k in a day for his leukemia bills), but even if I don't believe I deserve your money or your time or your platform to broadcast this page, I know for a fact Bandit definitely does and so does every beautiful dog in this world(which is all of them). So I might as well put myself out there for him. Please, if you can't donate(I understand that more than anyone right now), share the link <3


Thank you for being my Newgrounds Family for over 5 years,




Hoping for the best, man. Glad to see he's doing well in the fight.

Thanks so much for the donation Chris! (I hope I didn't accidentally ping you when linking your name >.<)

Ahaha you did, but I'm glad you did or this might've flown under my radar

Hope Bandit gonna get through this

No doubt no doubt, fella is crazy strong :)

Love you brandy. I hope things turn around for you this year.

I'm sure they will, for us all!

Hey man its good to have u on here on newgrounds wel like your stuff and what u do in here

I appreciate it, glad to be here :)

best wishes

Did Bandit get better? I came by to congratulate you on graduation but now I'm wondering about your pup!

He finished his last round of chemo about a month ago, he's hopping around and happy while we wait to hear the results! I'm flying home to see him in a week :D