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PAX East 2018, Monster Mashing Bounties, and Monthly Voting

Posted by BrandyBuizel - April 1st, 2018

I sure do enjoy the April Fools tom-foolery, but I'm not one to leave the sidelines of it all. Here's some cool update stuff going on.

In a couple days i'll be on my way to PAX East 2018 in Boston! I've been a regular there for the last 3 years, but this time i'll have a game of my own to show off and market to streamers and other indies/publishers with The Story Goes On. If you see some doofus in the exhibition hall wearing a flannel with a pink hat then that's probably me(I'll hook you up with a game code). Oh and there might be a camera-guy walking behind me, a good friend wants to do a documentary about indie game development for his film class so I feel pretty honored as the main subject ^.^

I'm also excited to say tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of TSGO's release on Steam and Xbox One where as today is the one month anniversary of Monster Mashing(currently clocking in at 45k views). That's pretty nutty; speaking of nutty @ninjamuffin99 and I had an idea to do(what we thought were) crazy high bounties to incentivise more competition on the leaderboard and holy crap did some people perform! Seriously, within a couple hours @Aikanaroo passed the 30k distance threshold which seemed to be the score-ceiling for a long while and then not halfway through the day @cocolosel snagged the prize for 50k distance and won a year of supporter status on NG. Oh and I've started helping @DIGIMIN make some monster girls with my first submission of Slime Girl!

We'll come up with more bounties every so often as we roll out new girls(I don't need to bleed dry right before a convention), but dang you guys are impressive. One more thing, monthly voting has just begun and we're really pushing ourselves to get into the top 5 with all the patchwork we've accomplished throughout March; it's pretty much an entirely new product since the initial game jam. I hope you send a vote our way if you enjoyed the game ;)



echidna gf or riot

Since when does Hood-e have a stake in my game?

since im ur biggest fan

my nuts on your desk. pineapple.

also only 4 newsposts smh weak ass

I feel bullied

I'll look for you at PAX East and say hi when I find ya.

Sounds cool :)
Don't be a stranger, we're all a family on NG!

Need to play that game some more... crazy addicting, though the lack is: time. Such a simple idea for a game but what genius. Sounds like good things going on!

Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback :)

Hmm the frown? Not the secret? :P Twas just a jocular remark! These review moods be confusing things up a bit...

That they do!