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March 2nd must be a National Holiday

Posted by BrandyBuizel - March 2nd, 2018

It'e been a hell of a day and that's the only conclusion I can come to(see title).

So many awesome things totally unrelated to me happened: first off @aalong64 announced a new episode of Sublo & Tangy Mustard will be coming out tomorrow, @RicePirate delivered from unto the heavens a long awaited SleepyCast Podcast Episode, Wreck It Ralph surprisingly got a sequel and the funniest little bunny meme in the trailer, and the Behemouth released Pit People from the grips of Early Access to(what I assume will be) critical acclaim.

Speaking of game releases, and me because this is my blog post, I managerd to release 2 different indie games in the span of two minutes on 5 different platforms(numbers!). You may have already seen Monster Mashing on the frontpage; a game I developed alongside @ninjamuffin99 and @DIGIMIN for the Strawberry Jam 2 on itch.io(mildy NSFW, if you made a game on there as well let me know, I'd love to comment on your entry). We created this title in what feels like a week considering we scrapped our intial project and completely changed it from a turn-based rpg into an infinite runner using cute monster girls as a lesson in economics(suck it fools, I got you to learn practical skills while jerkin' off). We're really excited to see all of the reviews coming in and see how competitive the leaderboard appears to be! We're thinking of updating the game within the next month to add to it's longevity on the site. Best of all we crossed-off @TomFulp's kink during development, mobile-friendly html5 play ^.^

Cheeky as @ninjamuffin99 is he chose to launch Monster Mashing on March 1st at 11:59pm EST, exactly 2 minutes before The Story Goes On, a game I've been making for nearly 3 years, became available for purchase on the Xbox One Store(Guiness, baby, call me) which Major Nelson tweeted about which is ****ing cool in its own regard. This of course happened while I was at a friend's house, ironically, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. re-runs when I got the email that my county college would be closed all day March 2nd due to 20mph winds. So when I woke up in the morning, instead of going to class, I made a cup of coffee, sat in my chair, and pulled the trigger on TSGO's full release on Steam(PC, Mac, Linux), leaving Early Access(like so few titles tend to do). Most of my day was spent tweeting on several different accounts, replying to forums, sending/reading emails and ho-boy lots and lots of not making a video game going on here. I've done nearly all I can to promote the game and all the hard work done by such skilled workers including @Spectralbeacon who made the pretty freakin' awesome artwork on the box art and banners! *Whisper* We've also got a discord if you've got questions about indie game development.

Moving on, I don't know about you lot, but I've been talking with @TomFulp about the recent supporter drive(which has been fairly successful) and wanted to give back to the community in my own way. Not everybody can support the site financially, that's understandable, some don't want to, that's equally understandable, but to those of you who do support the site you should check out this forum post here for The Story Goes On Supporter Exclusive Giveaway. Join the party, the thread, whatever you wanna call it. Pretty much all you gotta do is be a supporter, reply with your platform of choice(Xbox or Steam) and you're entered into the raffle!

I've pretty much used up all the energy I have for writing a blog post, I see why people don't do it often. I should really head to bed soon as tomorrow morning I'll be heading off the Philly by car for a college visit, but more importantly @IvanAlmighty's Bowling/Barcade Rager going on downtown as well as some business talk with Tom and some NG artists for my next indie game. Basically I'll be killing a flock of birds with one stone with this trip! I hope you all have a good night, buy my game, play my other free game, go to Philly Meetup, enter the raffle, become a supporter and celebrate the remaining 5 minutes of #FutabaFriday.



SleepyCast alone makes this a special day

Boy you know it, what do you think I'll be listening to on my way to Philly!

Looks like a nice game. You know people answered your giveaway on the supporter BBS. What don't you reply to us?We love you...

Sorry about that and thank you!
I'm mostly trying to keep my responses to a minimum so at a glance I can figure out by how many posts to the thread there are; how many people have entered the raffle. I'll be handing out keys after the 14th and trying to figure out a different plan off attack toward supporter perks since clearly the supporter party traffic is insanely low.