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I make stuff; sometimes for money, but always for fun.

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Good shit Brandy. Pretty nuts that you helped with a game that's on the switch now. Hopefully will see you again this year at Pax!

Wow a lot of stuff there. Was a fun read.

Congrats to 4 years and more!

(Warden voice) 8 more years!

waiting on you to finish updating this like im readin a fanfic on ao3

Lawl, it'll make more sense when I get to the part about me being diagnosed with ADD :p

Holy cow you've had so much happen! You have a lot to be proud of. Happy for you!

I feel like everyone does, you just gotta go back and remember, a year is a long time!

Happy for you man! It's really been a really busy few years and I can honestly say you've been a huge part of my own personal and professional development.

Glad to have you as a coworker and friend.

Have a good semester and stuff.

And I thought ninjamuffin's post was a long one man this is crazy! XD Made it though, phew, might've skimmed certain sections of it... would highly advise splitting certain chunks of text into smaller chunks of text for somewhat more ideal and effortless readability. :P

Was fun to read though. Fun to see how much you've squashed into this seemingly so little amount of time... but maybe that's true. Maybe we do do more than we imagine, we just don't stop to think about it. You've managed plenty of acclaim this short time though! 100+fans/year and rising!

Does this friend you happened to start making games with four years ago happen to be a frequent game-maker here at NG too, not Cam by any chance...?

Your new girlfriend snatched a good name too! What and what an awesome story. Gets you hopeful about relationships and all that shizzle.

May the next four years be equally impressive man! Happy 2020!

A year is a long time, I'll take into account formatting better next time ^.^

Unfortunately @malcolmsith doesn't post games on NG but he does post screenshots of his newest stuff on Twitter

Ah the dude I spotted below. :) Cool to see he's on NG too though, supporter and all.

Indeed! May maybe as much eventful greatness happen during this recently started 2020 as was done during those previous most eventful four!

New introspective post coming up soon by any chance? ;)

Oh man, I haven't had the chance to just sit down and write it all out. I'll probably get to it within the next couple weeks

Looking forward to it! :)