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I make stuff; sometimes for money, but always for fun.

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You've done some pretty cool shit this year man. Will have to try that game "The Story Goes On" too sometime soon. Also that newgrounds discord was unjustly taken round back and put down. Ivan give it back please.

Let's browse several Home Depots for a sale on pitchforks

Well oof.


lets go to atlanta again and waste time

I love reading these, sounds like it was a great year man. can't wait for Monster Mashing, it makes my pp hard. y'know what would make my pp harder tho? the NG discord coming back.. never stop dreaming

Bartman makes my pp hard, wait, no, I mean the animation, or the dance, snackers, you know what i meant right?

God man, Philly was so fun, we gotta plan meet ups more often.

d'aww duude, thanks for brushing over the part where I also plummeted and missed to do some color.

We all slipped up, I'm just grateful you were there to save the project ;)

Holy cow you had a busy year!!!
But successful---- right on!

Wow, what a year man! I hope this one is as full of exciting experiences and memories as the last. It was really cool reading about everything you did this year, and really, a little inspiring too. Thanks for sharing Brandy.

Thanks for reading!

You really made the most of this year huh! I'ma summarize my impressions of this post in somewhat quicker bits:

- Cool to hear about another Swedish dev there!
- We have/had the same commute time hey
- Disappointed the 'Tears For Fears - Shout' video wasn't actually your own in-car footage XD
- Good memories of Monster Mashing earlier this year
- Donating hair??? How does that work?
- Congrats on the educational boost!
- Crazy traffic in Philly XD And didn't know Tom was such a seasoned driver...
- That was a pretty awesome present, good times at the arcade and fun videos overall.

And man I thought that around the 'this turned out way longer I expected it to' point it would actually be nearing the end but... holy shit. O_O Must admit I skimmed the latter half a bit. Great happenings all the way through though! 72 hour coma-inducing dev sessions and all. Here's hoping 2019 can keep that pace!!!

Ooh taking video and driving is dangerous but those other two have no excuse. As for the hair you just hand it in a baggy to a random man on the street. Some real exciting stuff coming up so far for 2019!

Whaaat? Hand your hair to a random stranger? What do they do with that hair...? O_o

Haha, well about the car driving I would've thought one of the ones not driving could've filmed it. :P But no matter, my imagination's working pretty well today. Also: looking forward to that New Year stuff!!

damn u kno how 2 brick those paragraphs