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I make stuff; sometimes for money, but always for fun.

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Right on man! It was awesome having you and the energy you brought at the showing, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for you at Magfest. Rock on dude!

It'll be awesome to see you and Cameron again!

Yo, this is a sweet post. Love seeing those like it. Really shows what a community NG is. Nothing like it. I'm secretly jealous you've actually gotten to meet some of my favorite people.

Also, I really think you deserve tips for Mouth Shapes. Lip sync is a slut. I really wish there was something like this for Sony Vegas or blender!

All in all, yeah, I agree with you, 2017 absolutely sucked. Less than 2012 for me, but more than most years. If nothing else, it's just been patently boring and droll.

Hey, from what I hear we might be doing more of these smaller meetups in the future. It's definitely an event worth going to; 64 Bits Animation even flew all the way from Europe to show up! ;)

I'll have to keep eyes and ears open. I'm a virtual nobody outside of the music scene, and even then I'm no king (queen?) of the Portal. I just do metal, lol.

the ambler theater screening was a good night

I still haven't had any eggnog dangit.
Also I can't believe you met the one and only world famous hentai artist @FuShark

and happy 2018 BRANDY

Great meeting you and thanks for coming to the screening! Sounds like you accomplished a ton in 2017, keep us posted when The Story Goes On comes out on Steam.

I put some eggnog in a cup of coffee this year but I couldn't really taste the nog over the coffee.

The Ambler Screening was event of the year for me, it was really awesome going out and seeing so many people. Sounds like you had a dope year man! I'm going to MAGfest too, maybe I will see you there!!

No eggnog? D:
Happy New Year Brandy, It was great to meet you!

It was really cool meeting you dude, that night was an amazing time for me and it makes me really excited to hear you had a good time! Already prepping up for another killer meet up like in Ambler, and hope to catch you again! Happy New Year!!

Sounds awesome, can't wait to attend more events!
Also I heard you showed up MAGfest, wish I knew before you left but I'll catch ya next time ;)